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Discover The English Flows’ free video-based ESL lesson plans! Our ready-to-use lesson plans are a valuable asset for ESL teachers working with adult and Business English students, helping you save time lesson planning and allowing you to focus on guiding, coaching, and addressing your students' individual needs. With up-to-date and highly relevant topics, your students will remain engaged before, during, and after class.

Free Video-based ESL lesson plans


a day in the calendar - 29th fabruary, and a losgan "basic mathematics, fractions and approximation"

Vocabulary: basic mathematics, fractions, approximation (roughly, around, about, more or less, plus or minus, give or take)
Video: Leap years and why we need them
Speaking: talking about measuring time, different types of calendars, and practising approximation


a woman and a man in an elevator with the man delivering an elevator pitch, and a slogan "craft and deliver a killer elevator pitch"

Collocations: collocations with pitch (e.g. craft a pitch, tailot a pitch, nail a pitch, rehearse a pitch)
Vocabulary: adjectives to describe effective and ineffective pitches
Functional language: useful phrases to talk about one’s accomplishments, passion, target audience, mission and vision (for companies)


a couple walking at the beach and a slogan "what's the secret of a healthy relationship?"

Vocabulary and word formation: commitment, empathy, intimacy, adaptability, forgiveness
Idioms: see eye to eye, have a bright future, stand the test of time,keep the spark alive
Functional language: talking about deal-breakers in a relationship


an image of a samba dancer at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival,a nd a slogan "learn more about brazil carnival"

Vocabulary: verbs (to be fused with, to be traced back to, to take over, to rehearse, to track)
Vocabulary: adjectives (dazzling, world-renowned, intricate, elaborate, mind-blowing)
Vocabulary: idioms (to let loose, to have the time of one’s life, a feast for the eyes)


happy chinese new year 2023 - the year of the rabbit and a sogan - how is chinese new year celebrated

Vocabulary: Chinese New Year
Grammar: years, dates and centuries
Vocabulary: personality adjectives

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What can you expect from our free lesson plans?

  • Pre-class online activities: Ideal for educators looking to try the blended learning approach. All video-based ESL lesson plans feature pre-class activities. They are free and do not require registration. These activities provide students with resources and opportunities for engagement before the actual class. By doing so, teachers can stimulate active participation, create a more interactive learning experience, boost comprehension, and help students prepare for in-class discussions.
  • In-Class Resources: Our video-based ESL lesson plans contain 5-8 pages of versatile in-class material, allowing for in-depth exploration of each topic. The English Flows’ lessons are designed with communication in mind. They facilitate meaningful conversations and offer abundant speaking opportunities. Additionally, each lesson includes a set of printable conversation cards that teachers can use to review target vocabulary or transform the lesson into a conversation-focused class, further encouraging student interaction.
  • Meaningful homework ideas: Each lesson presents three research topics that encourage students to explore authentic materials independently after class. Also, we provide links to supplementary resources, such as videos and articles, to extend the learning experience. The access to these links is free for all lessons. These features enable students to bridge classroom knowledge with real-world applications.

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