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Discover The English Flows’ collection of FREE ESL lesson plans! Our ready-to-use lesson plans are a valuable resource for ESL teachers working with adult and Business English students, saving you tons of prep time and allowing you to focus on guiding, coaching, and addressing your students’ individual needs! 

The English Flows’ lessons are designed with communication in mind. Both our video-based lessons and our phrasal verbs and idioms worksheets facilitate meaningful conversations and offer abundant speaking opportunities. Additionally, each lesson includes a set of printable conversation cards that teachers can use to review target vocabulary or transform the lesson into a conversation-focused class, further encouraging student interaction. The INTERACTIVE PDFs are ideal for online classes, enabling students to seamlessly fill out and save completed documents!

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Free video-based lesson plans


happy chinese new year 2023 - the year of the rabbit and a sogan - how is chinese new year celebrated

Vocabulary: Chinese New Year
Grammar: years, dates and centuries
Vocabulary: personality adjectives



a Day of the Dead sugar skull and a slogan "How is the Day of the Dead celebrated?"

Vocabulary: words related to the Day of the Dead
Word formation: celebrate, symbolize, die, remember, offer
Speaking: quiz, conversation questions



a man taking notes while learning online with a slogan - do you know how to learn effectively?

Vocabulary: retention, engagement, to track progress, feedback, cramming
Vocabulary: expressions with “learn” (learn by heart, learn the hard way, learn by doing, learn the basics, learn your lesson)
Video: Spaced repetition: the most powerful study technique


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