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Whether your lessons are online or in-person, The English Flows’ lesson plans are the ultimate time-saver for ESL teachers working with adult and Business English students. Cut down on prep work and free up your time for what truly matters – guiding, coaching, and meeting your students' unique needs. Our current and highly relatable topics will keep your students engaged before, during, and after the class. We add 7-8 new video-based ESL lesson plans each month. Ignite their curiosity and inspire them to explore the English language further!

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"in-house" and "outsource" road signs, and a slogan"what are the pros and cons of outsouring?"

Vocabulary: outsourcing

Grammar: have/get something done

Video: Commonly outsourced business functions


a photo of a solar eclipse and a slogan "have you evr seen a total solar eclipse?"

Vocabulary: solar eclipses
Functional language: talking about things that amaze and impress us
Grammar: irregular plurals



a woman surrounded by plants sneezing and a slogan "Are your seasonal allergies getting wprse every year?"

Vocabulary: allergies and symptoms
Collocations: allergies (suffer from allergies, trigger an allergy, have an allergy, treat an allergy)
Idioms: keep at bay, wreak havoc on, kick into overdrive


letter cubes arrange to read april fool's day, and a slogan "best april fool's day pranks and hoaxes"

Speaking: Conversation questions about humour, pranks, and April Fool’s Day, discussion quoets, describing photos, evaluating pranks and jokes
Vocabulary: humour, pranks and jokes (prank, fool, fall for, improv, stand-up comedy, hoax, adjectives to describe pranks)
Videos: “Why do we celebrate April Fool’s Day?”, and “Best April Fool’s Day jokes and pranks of all time”


eggs looking like faberge eggs and a slogan "what might have happened to the missing faberge eggs?"

Speaking: jewels, treasures, Fabergé eggs, rare objects
Vocabulary: gemstones, words related to Fabergé eggs, adjectives
Grammar: Past modals for speculation (might have/could have + past participle)


a float depicting a scene of Jesus's life in Seville, Spain during Holy Week, and a slogan "how is Holy Week celebrated in Spain?"

Vocabulary: Holy Week (e.g. resurrection, crucifixion, The Passion, brotherhood/fraternity, Palm Sunday, processions)
Word formation: devote, reflect, grieve, repent, empathize
Video: Rick Steves’ European Easter: Palm Sunday in Sevilla


a photo og a tuplip field and a slogan "what's your favourite spring flower?"

Vocabulary: 10 spring flowers (e.g. snowdrop, daffodil, hyacinth, tulip, crocus, poppy)
Vocabulary: gardening (e.g. to sow, to propagate, to fertilise, to repot)
Video: Ultimate guide 2024: Plan your Keukenhof trip


updated video

3 oscars statuettes, and a slogan "and the oscar goes to ..."

Vocabulary: words related to the Oscars (e.g. a nod, to be snubbed, to take home, an acceptance speech)
Grammar: should/shouldn’t have + past participle
Writing: a film review


four man in an Irish pub raising their glasses celebrating Saint Patrick's Day, and a losgan "Sláinte!"

Vocabulary: expressions related to drinking (to down a drink, drink the night away, booze, indulge in something, filled to the brim)
Speaking: conversation questions, making a toast
Videos: “Why we wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and other Irish traditions”, “How to drink like the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day”


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Every lesson plan includes

Pre-class online activities

In-class activities
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After class: Additional resources

Each video-based ESL lesson plan features:

  • Online Pre-class Activities: Perfect for teachers who wish to embrace the modern blended learning approach. The pre-class activities are FREE for all video-based ESL lesson plans and can be completed without registration. By providing students with resources and engagement opportunities before the actual class session, educators can foster active participation, enhance comprehension, and optimise in-class discussions, promoting flexibility and a deeper, more interactive learning experience. On the other hand, if you choose not to assign the pre-class activities, or your students don’t complete them, it will not disturb the flow of the class.
  • Versatile In-Class Material: Each lesson includes 5-8 pages of in-class material created to explore the topic in-depth. The lessons encompass a diverse spectrum of current Business and General English topics. Whether you're exploring business trends or everyday conversational skills, our materials ensure that each subject is comprehensively covered, making the learning experience relevant and practical.
  • Engaging Video Content: Immerse your students in real-life language use through short YouTube videos, featuring content such as TED Talks, BBC Ideas, or news reports. These videos not only enhance listening and comprehension skills but also expose students to different accents, and a wide range of current, real-world topics and expert perspectives, making the learning experience more engaging and relevant.
  • Focus on communication: The English Flows’ lessons are all about communication. They're tailored to spark conversations and offer plenty of speaking opportunities. Additionally, each lesson includes a set of printable conversation cards, which teachers can use to revise target vocabulary, or turn the lesson into a conversation class.
  • Meaningful Homework Ideas: Each lesson suggests three research topics that encourage students to engage with authentic materials, fostering independent exploration and critical thinking skills after class. There are also links to additional resources (videos and articles), which can be found online and are FREE for all video-based lesson plans. These features aim to extend the learning experience, enabling students to connect classroom knowledge with real-world applications.

Try The English Flows’ video-based ESL lesson plans today and watch your students thrive!