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Idioms and Phrasal verbs worksheets

Our extensive collection of specialised idioms and phrasal verbs worksheets is a valuable resource for ESL teachers working with adult and Business English students. Each worksheet in this section focuses on a specific topic and features 12 idioms or phrasal verbs, allowing teachers to seamlessly integrate them into their lessons and make language learning both engaging and practical. We add 4-5 new idioms and phrasal verbs worksheets every month.

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Here's what you can expect:

  • Topic-Centric Learning: Delve into specific subjects while mastering essential idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs, introduced through dialogues and texts that reflect real-life context. You will find everything from everyday conversation to a wide range of Business English topics.
  • Comprehensive Worksheets: Our worksheets, typically spanning 3-4 pages, provide a structured approach to understanding and using idioms and phrasal verbs, ensuring that students grasp their application in meaningful situations.
  • Enhanced Communication Skills: The worksheets emphasise practical communication. Each worksheet includes plenty of communicative activities such as role-plays and conversation questions. The printable set of conversation cards included in each lesson makes vocabulary revision engaging and can be used to create dynamic conversation-based lessons.

Use these worksheets as stand-alone lessons or as an enriching addition to The English Flows’ video-based ESL lesson plans. Empower your students to understand and use idioms and phrasal verbs effectively, enhancing their fluency and confidence in various real-life scenarios.