about me

Hi! I am Stela, the founder of The English Flows!

6 years ago, while volunteering for an NGO which develops various educational programmes  for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, I discovered my passion for teaching.

I have been working as an ESL teacher to adults and business professionals ever since.

I firmly believe students learn best through topics that align with their own interests and this is what The English Flows strives to achieve: provide teachers with lesson plans on topics that are current, engaging and relatable, with  clear focus on activities that will encourage conversation and free expression.

In my opinion, this is the most rewarding part of teaching: the ability to turn learning into a truly enjoyable experience for your students!


When I don’t teach, I dedicate my time to my hobbies – I love practicing yoga outdoors so if the weather allows it, you will most likely find me in the park exercising or reading a book. I love going hiking on the weekends and connecting with nature.

If you have any questions, you can find me on [email protected]