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Phrasal verbs: sales and selling

Worksheet overview

This Business English worksheet is about phrasal verbs related to sales and selling. It will be useful for students who work as sales assistants, in the e-commerce sector, or retail in general. If you are looking for a worksheet more focused on shopping from the point of view of the customer, you can check out “Phrasal verbs: shopping”. It will be great to use it around the holiday season, and in combination with lessons about Black Friday.

The lesson starts with a few conversation questions for sales assistants, and their experiences. Then, there are 2 short dialogues, introducing the first group of phrasal verbs related to selling (e.g. mark down, sell out, run out of, ring up). Students work out the meaning of the phrasal verbs and match them to their definitions. To practise, they brainstorm different things, using the phrasal verbs.

Next, students read a short text about a store that has gone through an important transformation, and learn the next group of phrasal verbs (deal in, take off, sell off, close down). After reading the text, they discuss 4 conversation questions. Then they look at 7 sentences, and choose the correct phrasal verb to complete them.

The last group of phrasal verbs (phase out, clear out, stock up on) are introduced through a text that outlines ways stores can prepare for the holiday season. Students need to choose the correct meaning of each phrasal verb.

The last 2 activities are focused on speaking: First, students answer 4 questions, using phrasal verbs from this lesson. Finally, students create a dialogue between a customer and a shop assistant.

You can use the conversation cards for further speaking practice, and to revise these phrasal verbs related to sales and selling.


Teacher’s lesson plan
Student’s worksheet

Student’s interactive PDF

This worksheet works well in combination with the following lesson plans

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