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Phrasal verbs: shopping

Worksheet overview

This ESl worksheet is dedicated to 12 phrasal verbs about shopping. It could be used in both General English and Business English classes. Students will learn and practise them with various speaking activities. You can also try the worksheet “Phrasal verbs: sales and selling“.

The first activity introduces 6 phrasal verbs (e.g. knock off, sell off, shop around). Students read 6 sentences, work out the meanings of the phrasal verbs and match them to their definitions. As a speaking practice, students need to first choose the correct phrasal verb in 3 questions and then discuss the questions in pairs or small groups.

The next activity introduces the other 6 phrasal verbs included in this worksheet (e.g. splash out, set you back, sell out). Students read a short text and then match the phrasal verbs to their definitions. Then they practise these verbs by completing a few sentences with their own ideas and sharing their sentences with a partner.

The next task is a sentence transformation task: students are given 5 sentences, which they need to paraphrase using a suitable phrasal verb from the lesson. Lastly, students discuss a few statements.

The printable set of conversation cards will provide additional speaking practice and could also be used to revise the target vocabulary in a future lesson or to replace one of the activities in the worksheet. This worksheet will work great in combination with lessons about shopping habits, money, buying and selling, consumerism, Black Friday.


Teacher’s lesson plan
Student’s worksheet

Student’s interactive PDF

This worksheet works well in combination with the following lesson plans

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