Business English ESL LESSON PLANS

Discover our collection of video-based Business English lesson plans, tailored for professionals who need effective communication skills in the corporate world. These lessons cover a variety of vital topics, such as business trends, job satisfaction presentations, meetings, marketing, advertising, sales, corporate culture, negotiations, and more, offering practical language skills to excel in the business environment.

a photo of a resume, and a slogan "is your CV optimized for the Applicant Tracking systems"?

Vocabulary: expressions related to applying for and finding a job

Vocabulary: action verbs used in resumes

Writing: CV/resume


a pile of books, folders, and notebooks, and a slogan "do you have an employee or an entrepreneur mindset"

Vocabulary: words to describe your attitude towards work (e.g. fulfillment, achievement, success, monotony, burnout)
Vocabulary: verbs (to thrive,  to excel, to prioritize, to envision, to embrace, to seize (an opportunity), to be driven by)
Speaking: pros and cons of being an employee vs being an entrepreneur, questions about entrepreneurship


a laptop with cut cable and a slogan "should employers be allowed to contact you outside working hours?"

Vocabulary: be on call, on the clock, around the clock, to unplug, outside working hours
Grammar: passives be supposed/expected/required/advised to + verb
Speaking: survey, conversation questions, giving examples about company policies, work-life balance, disconnecting from work


two business people shaking hands in a meeting and a slogan "Why are business relationships important?"

Vocabulary: stakeholders (customers, suppliers, shareholders, media, government)
Vocabulary: collocations (to acquire/upsell a customer, to bring in business, to build rappport/trust)
Speaking: discussion stakeholders and business relationships


"in-house" and "outsource" road signs, and a slogan"what are the pros and cons of outsouring?"

Vocabulary: outsourcing

Grammar: have/get something done

Video: Commonly outsourced business functions


a person chatting with a recruiter about a job offer, and a slogan "beware of job scams"

Vocabulary: finding a job (a job seeker, job hunting, recruiter, hiring manager, to apply for a job, to be a good fit for the role)
Vocabulary: adjectives used to describe legitimate and fake job offers
Video: How to avoid job scams  + spot fake job offer letters


a woman and a man in an elevator with the man delivering an elevator pitch, and a slogan "craft and deliver a killer elevator pitch"

Collocations: collocations with pitch (e.g. craft a pitch, tailot a pitch, nail a pitch, rehearse a pitch)
Vocabulary: adjectives to describe effective and ineffective pitches
Functional language: useful phrases to talk about one’s accomplishments, passion, target audience, mission and vision (for companies)


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 Here is what to expect from our Business English ESL lesson plans: 

  • Targeted Business Topics: Our lesson plans comprehensively address a dynamic range of Business English topics in order to align with the ever-evolving business landscape. We constantly update the content to ensure it is up-to-date and reflects the latest business trends to help Business English learners feel confident and fully equipped to meet the demands of the fast-paced corporate world.
  • Comprehensive Lesson Plans: Each lesson includes 5 to 8 pages of in-class material with essential vocabulary, a short video, and plenty of engaging activities to facilitate meaningful learning experiences that enhance speaking, listening, and overall language proficiency..
  • Interactive PDFs for Online Classes: Our plans include interactive PDF materials, ideal for online English classes, allowing educators to guide and support remote learners effectively.
  • Conversation Cards: To further enrich your lessons, you can use the printable conversation cards included in each lesson. They are perfect for revising vocabulary and stimulating discussions, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

By incorporating our Business English lesson plans into your curriculum, you can equip your students with the language proficiency needed to communicate effectively with colleagues, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the professional world..