Lesson plan overview

This English lesson plan is dedicated to Halloween. It is perfect for pre-intermediate students and works on all 4 skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking.
Reading: after an initial discussion, students read a short text about different Halloween traditions and activities and then they match words from the text to their definitions. After that they discuss the traditions and other questions given.
Video: Students watch a video: “Halloween traditions: where did they come from?” and complete 2 tasks: first they complete the extracts with the words they hear and then they answer a few questions in their own words.
Grammar: comparatives and superlatives. There is an overview of the rules, after which students find and correct the mistakes in 5 sentences. As a speaking practice, students are given photos of different Halloween costumes which they have to compare.
Vocabulary: Halloween decoration, props and accessories. Students match the words given to the correct picture to learn common Halloween party decorations.
Speaking: Students organise their own Halloween party- They talk about the food, the decoration, the costumes etc. and then they present their ideas to the class – the best idea wins!
You can use the set of printable conversation cards for additional speaking practice.
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Teacher’s lesson plan

Student’s worksheet

Student’s interactive PDF

Conversation cards PDF

Pre-class activities

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Vocabulary matching


The first time you watch the video, pay special attention to the correct pronunciation of the following words:

It’s this Halloween season’s hottest decoration – a giant skeleton!
Believe it or not, she then tries to load it on the back of her SUV.
They just start shoving this entire structure into the back of their vehicle.
Meanwhile, in the wake of the hit Netflix series

Comprehension questions

In-class activities

Teacher’s lesson plan
Student’s worksheet

Conversation cards PDF

Student’s interactive PDF

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