A2 / B1

Lesson plans

businessmen running on track to illustrate business competition

Confusing words: competence, competition, and competitor
Vocabulary: collocations (e.g.business model, industry trends, profit margin, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, market share)
Vocabulary: verb + noun collocations (launch a product, stay competitive, increase sales, target customers, dominate the market)

autumn scene in yellow tones

Vocabulary: autumn/fall (crisp air, harvest, chilly, foggy, foliage)
Grammar: difference between the verbs “to be” and “to get”
Video: Why we love fall


people working in a team

Vocabulary: collocations about teamwork
Grammar: should and shouldn’t
Functional language: asking for help, agreeing to help and politely saying no


hard skills vs soft skills puzzle pieces

Vocabulary: hard skills and soft skills
Functional language: expressing ability
Writing: cover letter


a young man lounging on a bed on a balcony

Vocabulary: staycation ideas
Grammar: talking about the future (future simple, future with “going to”, and present continuous)
Speaking: conversation questions, creating and continuing a dialogue, evaluating ideas, making plans



group of happy men drinking and celebrating St. Patrick's Day in a pub

Video: St. Patrick’s Day: Bet You Didn’t Know
Grammar: passive voice
Speaking: St. Patrick’s Day history and tradition, Irish culture



happy chinese new year 2023 - the year of the rabbit

Vocabulary: Chinese New Year
Grammar: years, dates and centuries
Vocabulary: personality adjectives


A woman giving a presentation in a conference room

Reading: 5 ways to hook the audience
Useful phrases: hooking the audience
Video: How to start your presentation: 4 step formula for a killer presentation


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