The video-based ESL lesson plans in this category are tailored to A2-B1 level students. Each lesson features a short video, essential vocabulary, and a wealth of communicative activities, providing a rich and engaging language learning experience. Topics cover both General English and Business English, catering to a wide range of language learning needs.

PRE-intermediate and intermediate ESL lesson plans:

a photo of the American flaf and a slogan "celebrating fourth of july"

Vocabulary: Independence Day (speech, fireworks, flag, national anthem, colonies, empire, patriotism, revolution, freedom, parade)
Confusing words: story vs history
Speaking: history, Independence Day, patriotism


a photo of a stadium and a slogan "are you giong to follow euro 2024?

Vocabulary: stadiums (pitch, stands, concession stands, gates, ticket office, box seat)
Vocabulary: stages of a tournament (group stage, knockout rounds, Round of 16, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Final)
Speaking: conversaiton questions, comparing different ways to watch a football game


a day in the calendar - 29th fabruary, and a losgan "basic mathematics, fractions and approximation"

Vocabulary: basic mathematics, fractions, approximation (roughly, around, about, more or less, plus or minus, give or take)
Video: Leap years and why we need them
Speaking: talking about measuring time, different types of calendars, and practising approximation



happy chinese new year 2023 - the year of the rabbit and a sogan - how is chinese new year celebrated

Vocabulary: Chinese New Year
Grammar: years, dates and centuries
Vocabulary: personality adjectives


gym equipment and a slogan - work out while brushing your teeth

Vocabulary: home workout equipment (e.g. dumbbells, exercise ball. ankle weights, resistance bands)
Vocabulary: ejercises (squats, lunges, stretching, pull-ups, push-ups)
Video: Build exercise into your daily routine: Brushing your teeth: Glutes and Legs


christmas drinks in glass and on a table and a slogan"eggnog, Christmas punch, or mulled wine?"

Vocabulary: spices
Vocabulary: things around the kitchen
Consufing words: cooking (recipe/receipt/prescription; simmer/boil, stir/remove)


three women chatting over coffee, and a slogan "are you good at making small talk?"

Vocabulary: small talk, build rapport, talk to strangers, keep the conversation going
Grammar: questions (open-ended questions, yes/no questions, follow-up questions)
Speaking: conversation questions, role-play, discussing photos



a Day of the Dead sugar skull and a slogan "How is the Day of the Dead celebrated?"

Vocabulary: words related to the Day of the Dead
Word formation: celebrate, symbolize, die, remember, offer
Speaking: quiz, conversation questions


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The video-based ESL lesson plans in this category are designed to support pre-intermediate (A2) and intermediate (B1) students as they progress on their language learning journey. These resources are built to encourage participation, improve speaking skills, and enhance comprehension. Explore our collection and provide your students with the tools they need to succeed in learning English.