Lesson plans

a woman reading a book

Speaking: conversation questions, debates, brainstorming
Vocabulary: books (genres, adjectives to describe books, book formats, parts of a book and a story)
Video: Why you should read every day – benefits of reading


a family having a movie night

Vocabulary: collocations about family traditions (family gathering, family reunion, core values, lasting memories, sense of belonging)
Video: “Family traditions: 9 easy ideas and why they are important”
Grammar: “used to” and “would” to talk about past habits


a young man lounging on a bed on a balcony

Vocabulary: staycation ideas
Grammar: talking about the future (future simple, future with “going to”, and present continuous)
Speaking: conversation questions, creating and continuing a dialogue, evaluating ideas, making plans


a woman playing an electric guitar on stage during a concert

Vocabulary: cheesy, catchy, tune, stage, release, performance
Reading: history and rules of the Eurovision Song Contest
Video: Get ready for Liverpool! Eurovision 2023 Host City”


Easter basket with dyed Easter eggs

Vocabulary: Easter
Reading: Holy Week – key days and Easter traditions in Spain, The US and The Czech Republic
Video: Bet you didn’t know: Easter traditions


a man with his daughter mopping the floor as part of their spring cleaning

Vocabulary: cleaning supplies and decluttering (get rid of, give away, throw away, clutter-free)
Reading: organisation methods (Marie Kondo, The FlyLady, The Four-Box method)
Speaking: Conversation questions, creating a spring cleaning checklist



group of happy men drinking and celebrating St. Patrick's Day in a pub

Video: St. Patrick’s Day: Bet You Didn’t Know
Grammar: passive voice
Speaking: St. Patrick’s Day history and tradition, Irish culture


an outfit , make-up and accessories

Functional language: talking about fashion trends (to be in style, to be all the rage, to be having a moment, to catch on)
Vocabulary: verbs (pull something off, dress it up, dress it down, put together an outfit) and adjectives (tacky, flattering, chic, dated, timeless)



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