a man trying to make a decision which way to go AND THE word "idioms"

Idioms: decision-making

Worksheet overview

This ESL worksheet is dedicated to 14 idioms and expressions that are used when talking about making decisions. It includes plenty of practice and speaking activities so that students can learn them by using them. You can use this worksheet in both general and business English classes, and can combine it with other worksheets such as: “Phrasal verbs: change and innovation”, “Idioms: critical thinking and analysing”, “Phrasal verbs: solving problems”, and “Idioms: entrepreneurship”.
The first activity introduces 8 idioms (e.g. a no-brainer, on the fence, play it safe, weigh your options, go with your gut) through a short text about making decisions. Students work out the meaning of the idioms and match them to their definitions. To practise these idioms, students complete 4 sentences with their own ideas and use their sentences to start a conversation with a partner. After that they complete 6 short dialogues with the correct expression.
Next, students are given a short dialogue about a struggling company, which includes the rest of the expressions (e.g. cross that bridge when we come to it, cut our losses, call the shots, sleep on it). After matching the idioms to their definitions, students answer 5 questions.
After that students complete a multiple-choice exercise.
The last 2 activities are focused on speaking: First, students are given different situations and they are asked to discuss the factors that would influence their decisions and the best way to make a decision in each one. Finally, they do a role-play activity.
You can use the conversation cards for additional speaking practice and revision of these decision-making idioms.
It would work great as an addition to lessons about making decisions.


Teacher’s lesson plan
Student’s worksheet

Student’s interactive PDF

This worksheet works well in combination with the following lesson plans

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