a woman entrepreneur drawing on a board surronded by pie charts, and the word "idioms"

Idioms: Entrepreneurship

Worksheet overview

This business English worksheet is dedicated to 12 idioms that are related to entrepreneurship and new businesses. Students will learn and practise with various communicative activities and conversation questions.
The first activity consists of 2 short texts, each containing 6 entrepreneurship-related idioms. Students read the texts and match the idioms to their meaning.
Next, students complete a few questions with the correct idiom and use the questions to start a conversation with their partner. Students are encouraged to ask follow-up questions in order to maintain the conversation.
After that, students are asked to rewrite the sentences given using the correct idiom.
The last 2 activities are speaking activities. In the first one, after completing a few statements, students discuss their opinions and personal experiences. In the last activity, students discuss their business ideas and what it would take to make those businesses successful.
Lastly, an idea on how to learn more about entrepreneurship is given.
There is an additional set of conversation cards which could be used for a stand-alone conversation class or to review the idioms from this lesson.
This worksheet will work well with lesson plans about innovation, new businesses and entrepreneurship.


Teacher’s lesson plan
Student’s worksheet

Student’s interactive PDF

This worksheet works well in combination with the following lesson plans

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