Discover a diverse collection of video-based ESL lesson plans for students at intermediate and upper-intermediate (B1-B2) level. Our goal is to empower educators with a wealth of engaging resources that foster effective language learning. Each lesson in this category features a short video, useful vocabulary, and a diverse range of communicative activities.

Intermediate and Upper-intermediate ESL lesson plans


a stadium full of football fans who are cheering and a slogan - are you a football fan?

Functional language: talking about the team you support (I’m backing, I’m rooting for, I’m cheering for)
Vocabulary: measures against football hooliganism (ban, fine, zero-tolerance policy)
Video: “Football fan culture is changing but which type of supporter are you?”


blocks stacked on top of each other to write "FOMO", and a slogan "What are the best FOMO marketing tactics?"

Vocabulary: collocations (to entice the customer, to trigger FOMO, to create a sense of scarcity, impulse purchase, flash sale, free shipping)
Grammar: wishes and regrets
Video: Top 10 FOMO marketing tactics


a cruise ship and a slogan "inside the world's biggest cruise ship"

Vocabulary: cruise ships (e.g. cabin, deck, to embark, to disembark, galley, port of call)
Vocabulary: food on a cruise ship (stocks up ingredients, in stock, prep kitchens, all-you-can-eat, leftovers, food waste, buffet)
Video: “Inside the 24/7 operation to feed the world’s largest cruise ship”


a photo of cologne cathedral and a slogan "have you ever visited germany?2

Speaking: visiting Germany, comparing visiting Germany during Euro 2024 vs visiting on a regular day, travelling to Euro 2024 on a budget
Vocabulary: common adjective + noun  collocations (e.g. breathtaking views, trendy neighbourhood, vibrant nightlife, cosy café)
Video: Ultimate UEFA EURO 2024 Guide: Explore Germany’s host cities, culture, and cuisine!


a person actively listening to another, and a slogan "how to become a better listener"

Vocabulary: barriers to listening (e.g. distraction, prejudice, information overload)
Confusing words: listen and hear
Expressions: expressions with listen and hear (never hear the end of it, listen with only hald an ear, hear me out, listen to reason)


business model and a slogan "which are the most successful business models?"

Vocabulary: business collocations (e.g. generate revenue, acquire a user base, drive demand, revenue stream, targeted advertisements, profit margin)
Reading: successful business model
Listening and speaking: The Business Model Canvas


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What our B1 / B2 lesson plans offer:

  • Online Pre-class Activities: For ESL teachers who wish to embrace the blended learning approach, there are online pre-class activities provided for every lesson. By giving students resources before the actual class session, educators can enhance comprehension, and prepare students for meaningful in-class discussions, promoting flexibility and a deeper, more interactive learning experience.
  • Current and Relevant Topics: We carefully select the topics for our video-based ESL lesson plans, making sure they are current and relevant, including breaking news, business trends, and other contemporary subjects. When students engage with material they can relate to, their learning experience becomes more effective and meaningful. These topics aim not only to engage but also to be informative about the world around us, providing students with a broader perspective and deeper understanding, and sparking their curiosity.
  • Engaging Video Content: Immerse students in real-life language use through short YouTube videos that enhance listening and comprehension skills. These videos allow students to explore various accents, contexts, and communication styles, making the learning experience more interactive and entertaining. By exposing students to authentic conversations and expressions, they can develop their ability to understand and use the language in real-world situations, which is essential for positive learning outcomes.
  • Communicative Activities: The lesson plans include a variety of practical activities designed to actively involve students in conversations, helping them to develop their speaking and listening skills. These activities go beyond passive learning and encourage students to interact, express their thoughts, and participate in discussions, debates, role-plays, and more. Through these exercises, students not only practise the language but also gain confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in both social and professional contexts.

The video-based ESL lesson plans in this category are a valuable asset for ESL instructors working with intermediate (B1-B2) adult learners. These materials offer a balanced approach, promoting active engagement, developing speaking proficiency, and enhancing comprehension in both General and Business English.