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a woman playing an electric guitar on stage during a concert

Vocabulary: cheesy, catchy, tune, stage, release, performance
Reading: history and rules of the Eurovision Song Contest
Video: Get ready for Liverpool! Eurovision 2023 Host City”


a tax form with a calculator and a pencil

Vocabulary: taxes (income tax, file a tax return, tax deductions, taxable income)
Reading: the tax systems in the UK and the US
Video: How tax brackets actually work


a contemporary office space with indoor plant to illustrate the idea of a green oggice

Vocabulary: green offices
Functional language: making and evaluating suggestions
Video: 8 sustainable practices in the workplace


world earth day concept. a man holding a globe

Vocabulary: the environment (carbon footprint, renewable resources, endangered species)
Video: Gaylord Nelson and the origins of Earth Day
Grammar: first and second conditionals




Vocabulary: sounds (barking, whispering, screaming, chirping, honking)
Video: Noise is slowly killing you
Functional language: talk about things that annoy you



Sunrise over the sea. The sea level is rising

Vocabulary: environmental issues and natural disasters
Video: US coastal cities trying to hold back rising sea levels
Synonyms: deal with and run out of



Garbage sorting. Organic food waste from vegetable ready for recycling in compost bin on blue

Collocations: food (unsold food, fussy eater, surplus food)
Video: Canadians get creative in solving food waste problem
Speaking: food waste questionnaire, conversation questions


a clock going from 2am to 3am, illustrating daylight saving time

Vocabulary: sleep ( a late riser, a morning person, a night owl, oversleep)
Confusing expressions: in time and on time
Speaking: conversation questions, debate


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