Pride Month

Lesson plan overview

This FREE intermediate ESL lesson plan is dedicated to Pride Month. Students will learn collocations and words used in the context of Pride Month, will watch a short video about the history of Pride Month and will discuss various questions related to Pride Month and the LGBTQIA+ community. A lesson that will go well with his lesson is “Idioms: Gender equality”.
Vocabulary: After an initial discussion, students match the halves of 8 sentences in order to create 8 collocations (e.g. same-sex marriage, gender identity, sexual orientation, to raise awareness, to face challenges). Then students look at 3 photos and discuss which expression is shown in each photo. As additional practice, students complete 6 sentences with the correct word.
Speaking: Students brainstorm potential challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community.
Listening: Students watch a video called “What is Pride Month?”. First they answer 4 questions. Then they complete the transcript with the correct form of the words given, and watch the video again to check their answers.
Speaking: Students discuss 5 conversation questions given.
You can use the conversion cards to revise the target vocabulary from this lesson and for further speaking practice.
You can combine this lesson with other lessons about equality, human rights and diversity.

Teacher’s lesson plan

Student’s worksheet

Student’s interactive PDF

Conversation cards PDF

Pre-class activities

To send the pre-class activities to your students, copy the link below.

Vocabulary matching


The first time you watch the video, pay special attention to the correct pronunciation of the following words:

Since then, pride has grown to become a month-long celebration featuring parades, concerts, and parties.
The Center for Black Equity and other groups organize events specifically for LGBTQ people of color.
Pride Month raises awareness about LGBTQ issues, commemorates remarkable achievements by members of the community, and honors the legacies of the LGBTQ pioneers who fought for rights.

Comprehension questions

In-class activities

Teacher’s lesson plan
Student’s worksheet

Conversation cards PDF

Student’s interactive PDF

Additional resources

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