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a clock going from 2am to 3am, illustrating daylight saving time

Vocabulary: sleep ( a late riser, a morning person, a night owl, oversleep)
Confusing expressions: in time and on time
Speaking: conversation questions, debate


Easter basket with dyed Easter eggs

Vocabulary: Easter
Reading: Holy Week – key days and Easter traditions in Spain, The US and The Czech Republic
Video: Bet you didn’t know: Easter traditions


a man with his daughter mopping the floor as part of their spring cleaning

Vocabulary: cleaning supplies and decluttering (get rid of, give away, throw away, clutter-free)
Reading: organisation methods (Marie Kondo, The FlyLady, The Four-Box method)
Speaking: Conversation questions, creating a spring cleaning checklist



group of happy men drinking and celebrating St. Patrick's Day in a pub

Video: St. Patrick’s Day: Bet You Didn’t Know
Grammar: passive voice
Speaking: St. Patrick’s Day history and tradition, Irish culture


an outfit , make-up and accessories

Functional language: talking about fashion trends (to be in style, to be all the rage, to be having a moment, to catch on)
Vocabulary: verbs (pull something off, dress it up, dress it down, put together an outfit) and adjectives (tacky, flattering, chic, dated, timeless)




Friendly diverse employees congratulating their boss colleague, blond mature businesswoman with

Functional language: evaluating progress
Video: “5 habits holding you back from success”
Collocations: gender pay gap, glass ceiling, maternity leave


a groom popping a bottle of champagne at a wedding

Vocabulary: weddings (reception, bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding registry, bride, groom)
Idioms: tie the knot, pop the question, walk down the aisle
Grammar review: expression possibility (to be likely to, probably will, may/might/could)


a man taking a dip in a frozen lake

Vocabulary: winter verbs (snuggle, warm up, be snowed in, come down with)
Video: “Testing out the Wim Hot method”
Idioms and phrasal verbs: resilience (step outside your comfort zone, be at the top of your game, take something to the next level, go through something)


logo open AI and ChatGPT

Vocabulary: ChatGPT (human-like, large-scale customisation, reliance, infringe)
Reading: Applications of ChatGPT in 5 industries
Video: What is ChatGPT and why does it have educators worried?


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Every lesson plan includes

Pre-class online activities

These activities help introduce the topic and provide important information as well as  teach important vocabulary.


  • vocabulary matching activity
  • highlighted commonly mispronounced words
  • short video
  • comprehension questions
  • a question to consider and discuss in class

In-class activities
(For Full members)

The materials in this section are designed for both in-person and online teaching. These activities aim to work on all 4 skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) in order to develop the topic further and provide your students with all the tools they need to communicate confidently.
Available formats: Printable Student and Teacher PDF, Interactive



  • various vocabulary activities
  • conversation questions
  • debate ideas
  • video
  • comprehension activities
  • mini grammar

After class: Additional resources

The additional resources help to combat the forgetting curve, reinforce and enrich the vocabulary learnt in class.


This section includes links to:


  • topic-related articles
  • topic-related videos