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a smart jacket with integrated technology

Vocabulary: smart clothing features (track, monitor, wearable chip)
Vocabulary: synonyms of “innovative” (revolutionary, pioneering, groundbreaking)
Video: Japan Smart Clothing: Researchers design clothes that monitor health.


people toasting with wine

Functional language: talking about wine pairings
Reading: the winemaking process
Vocabulary: basic terms to describe wine and wine notes


thanksgiving harvest with pumpkins, corn, wheat

Vocabulary: festivals and celebrations
Vocabulary: Thanksgiving dishes
Functional language: ways to say “thank you” and “you are welcome”



a tag reading black friday sale

Vocabulary: deals and discounts (early bird, bundle, coupon)
Phrasal verbs: shop around, ramp up, get carried away
Idioms: window-shop, splash the cash, a steal


a binder called retirement plan with glasses, pen and a calculator

Vocabulary: collocations about retirement
Video: What is the FIRE movement
Speaking: Conversation questions, debate


a person closing his laptop when the clock shows 5 o'clock

Idioms: recipe for disaster, bend over backwards, go above and beyond
Word formation: prefixes over-, under- and mis-
Speaking: conversation questions, brainstorming, role-play


a world map with a passport and a camera

Vocabulary: adjectives (morbid, emotionally draining, creepy)
Video: How to do Dark Tourism respectfully
Collocations: tourist hotspot, hallowed grounds, morbid fascination


an angry boss reprimanding an employee sitting in front of a computer

Vocabulary: micromanagement verbs (reprimand, hover, hold accountable)
Videos: 1. “How can I avoid being a micromanager?” and 2. “Working For a Micromanaging Boss & How to Handle it”
Idioms: put out fires, have a lot on your plate, hands-on/hands-off


3 carved pumpkin or jack-o-lanterns

Reading: Halloween traditions and activities
Vocabulary: Halloween party decorations, props and accessories
Grammar: comparatives and superlatives


a mentor observing the work of an apprentice in a workshop

Vocabulary: on-the-job, in-demand, hands-on
Reading: routes to take after high-school
Video: apprenticeships vs university: which is best?


a person drawing a mandala symbol

Vocabulary: art supplies
Video: the mental health benefits of art
Idioms: colors (tickled pink, see red, in a dark place)


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Every lesson plan includes

Pre-class online activities

These activities help introduce the topic and provide important information as well as  teach important vocabulary.


  • vocabulary matching activity
  • highlighted commonly mispronounced words
  • short video
  • comprehension questions
  • a question to consider and discuss in class

In-class activities
(For Full members)

The materials in this section are designed for both in-person and online teaching. These activities aim to work on all 4 skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) in order to develop the topic further and provide your students with all the tools they need to communicate confidently.
Available formats: Printable Student and Teacher PDF, Interactive



  • various vocabulary activities
  • conversation questions
  • debate ideas
  • video
  • comprehension activities
  • mini grammar

After class: Additional resources

The additional resources help to combat the forgetting curve, reinforce and enrich the vocabulary learnt in class.


This section includes links to:


  • topic-related articles
  • topic-related videos