teamwork - teammates holding a piece of a puzzle and a slogan - phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs: teamwork

Worksheet overview

This Business English worksheet is dedicated to phrasal verbs used when talking about teamwork. Students will learn and practise 12 phrasal verbs, will discuss factors that are important for effective teamwork and will engage in conversations and debates related to working in a team.
The first 7 phrasal verbs (e.g. step up, back someone up, build on something, team up) are introduced through a short text about factors affecting effective teamwork . Next, students complete 3 questions with the correct verb and use the questions to start a conversation with a partner.
The rest of the phrasal verbs (get along, pitch in, pull together, rally around) are introduced through a dialogue. Students read the dialogue and match the phrasal verbs to their definition. Then they complete 3 sentences with their own ideas.
For further practice, students rewrite 4 sentences, using a suitable phrasal verb.
Finally, 2 debate topics are given for students to discuss.
The conversation cards provide further speaking opportunities.
You can combine this lesson with other business English worksheets and lesson plans.


Teacher’s lesson plan
Student’s worksheet

Student’s interactive PDF

This worksheet works well in combination with the following lesson plans

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