black friday sale symbol, and the word "idioms"

Idioms: Black Friday (shopping)

Worksheet overview

This worksheet is dedicated to 12 idioms about shopping and is ideal to use around Black Friday in combination with lessons about Black Friday, sales, spending and saving, consumerism.

All 12 idioms are introduced through a short dialogue. Students read the dialogue, work out the meaning of each expression and match it to its definition (e.g. shop till you drop, shopping spree, a steal, grab a bargain). After that students complete a multiple-choice exercise. For additional practice, students are given 4 sentences and they are asked to replace part of the sentence with the correct idiom. The last 2 activities are focused on speaking: first students are given a few questions to discuss and then they complete a role-play activity.

The set of printable conversation cards can be used for additional speaking practice and to review the idioms.


Teacher’s lesson plan
Student’s worksheet

Student’s interactive PDF

This worksheet works well in combination with the following lesson plans

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