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Explore our collection of advanced level video-based ESL lesson plans, designed for teachers of adult and Business English students. Our goal is to offer a rich resource for educators and learners seeking high-quality, engaging, and effective English language instruction.

Upper-intermediate and Advanced ESL lesson plans:

a woman in a sensory deprivation tank doing floatation therapy

Speaking: brainstorming vocabulary related to the senses, conversation questions
Video: How sensory deprivation and floating impacts the brain
Vocabulary: verbs related to the different senses (stare, gaze, eavesdrop, overhear, nibble, devour)


you are your own brand brand building concept

Vocabulary: personal branding (professional reputation, career advancement, networking, online presence)
Vocabulary: personal qualities (e.g. integrity, professionalism, humility, determination)
Writing: a mission statement



Five Stars Customer Quality Review

Idioms and phrasal verbs: get a leg up, a red flag, stand out
Video: How to spot fake reviews on Amazon
Collocations: pay attention, spot a fake review, gain a review
Writing: writing a review for a product or service


an exhausted person resting their head on their keyboard with a stone with "back to work" written on it

Vocabulary: idioms and expressions (to get back into the groove of things, back to the grind, post-vacation fatigue, vacation blues, hit the ground running)
Video: Getting over your post-vacation slump
Speaking: conversation questions, brinstorming, role-play


red first aid kit surrounded by dfferent medicines

Vocabulary: items found in a first aid kit
Vocabulary: verb+ noun collocations related to first aid (dress a wound, put on a bandage/a plaster/a cast, administer medication, perform the Heimlich maneuver/CPR, secure the airway)
Grammar: past modals for deduction (must have, could have, might have, can’t have + past participle)


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What can you expect from our advanced video-based ESL lesson plans?

  • Pre-class activities: To enhance the learning experience, every video-based ESL lesson includes pre-class online activities, ensuring that students arrive prepared and ready to engage with the lesson content. These online activities not only serve as a valuable introduction to the lesson but also allow students to explore key concepts independently, promoting a deeper understanding of the upcoming material.
  • Comprehensive materials: Each lesson consists of 5 to 8 pages of in-class material. In our B2-C1 ESL lesson plans, you'll find advanced-level vocabulary and grammar seamlessly integrated to ensure your students acquire and excel in language skills applicable in real-life contexts. The curriculum is designed to challenge advanced learners and enable them to express themselves with greater precision and confidence. The goal is to equip students with the linguistic tools necessary to navigate complex discussions, professional environments, and a wide range of real-world situations effectively.
  • Video Content: Each lesson plan comes with a short video which will challenge and engage your advanced learners. These videos serve as the focal point for each lesson, sparking discussion and enhancing comprehension. They expose students to a wide range of accents, contexts, and communication styles, making the learning experience both educational and entertaining.
  • Emphasis on communication: Our lesson plans emphasise active communication, providing a range of speaking activities that foster lively classroom discussions, debates, and presentations. This creates numerous opportunities for your students to practise and enhance their speaking skills.These activities encourage students to express their thoughts, engage in thoughtful debates, and present their perspectives effectively. We aim to create a dynamic learning environment where students can confidently use English for real-life communication.
  • Additional resources: To support your teaching objectives, each lesson plan is complemented with additional resources. You can find links to related videos and articles, enabling students to delve deeper into the subject or explore alternative perspectives.These additional resources are designed to broaden students' knowledge and encourage critical thinking.

Incorporate our upper-intermediate and advanced ESL lesson plans into your teaching toolkit, and provide your students with the comprehensive resources and engaging content they need to excel in real-world English communication.