Video-based lesson plans

Whether your lessons are online or in-person, The English Flows’ lesson plans are the ultimate time-saver for ESL teachers working with adult and Business English students. Cut down on prep work and free up your time for what truly matters – guiding, coaching, and meeting your students' unique needs. Our current and highly relatable topics will keep your students engaged before, during, and after the class. We add 7-8 new video-based ESL lesson plans each month. Ignite their curiosity and inspire them to explore the English language further!

the chernobyl power plant and a slogan "what happened at chernobyl?"

Vocabulary: nuclear power and radiation
Video: Chernobyl disaster 1986: what really happened
Speaking: Chernobyl, nuclear power


a world map with a passport and a camera and a slogan - why do people enjoy dark tourism?

Vocabulary: adjectives (morbid, emotionally draining, creepy)
Video: How to do Dark Tourism respectfully
Collocations: tourist hotspot, hallowed grounds, morbid fascination