Lesson plans

positive friendly young woman showing her kindness

Word formation: nouns to adjectives (care, politeness, compassion, respect, support, tolerance, help, consideration)
Confusing words: careless/uncaring; helpless/unhelpful
Funcional language: expressing gratitude


london eye ferris wheel in london

Vocabulary: tourist traps (overpriced, touristy, overrated, tacky, to live up to, rip-off)
Vocabulary: giving cautions and warnings (beware of, watch out for, steer clear of, think twice before)
Video: The worst tourist traps in London


a woman reading a book

Speaking: conversation questions, debates, brainstorming
Vocabulary: books (genres, adjectives to describe books, book formats, parts of a book and a story)
Video: Why you should read every day – benefits of reading


Idiom and phrasal verb boosters