a laptop and different uses (for learning, searching for informatino, writing), and the words "phrasal verbs·"

Phrasal verbs: Technology

Worksheet overview

This ESL worksheet is dedicated to phrasal verbs related to technology. Students will learn and practise 12 phrasal verbs, and discuss their experience with technology.
The first group of technology-related phrasal verbs (e.g. hack into, run out of, wipe out, set up, back up) are introduced through a short dialogue. Students work out the meaning of the phrasal verbs from context, and match them to their definitions. Then they complete 4 questions with the correct phrasal verb, and discuss the questions in pairs or small groups.
After that students read a text about cybersecurity, and see more phrasal verbs (e.g.opt out, turn off, look up, log out). Then, they write down the opposite of 3 verbs (e.g. log in – log out).
As a practice activity, students complete a multiple-choice activity.
Next, students are given different technology-related problems, and are asked to write a suitable solution, incorporating phrasal verbs from the lesson.
Finally, students discuss 5 debate questions.
For more speaking practice, use the printable conversation cards.


Teacher’s lesson plan
Student’s worksheet

Student’s interactive PDF

This worksheet works well in combination with the following lesson plans

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