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Phrasal verbs: adventure

Worksheet overview

This ESL worksheet is dedicated to adventure-related phrasal verbs. Students will learn 12 phrasal verbs that are used when talking about different adventurous activities, like travelling, exploring nature, outdoor activities, extreme sports, and active lifestyle in general. There are different speaking and writing activities so that students can practise the phrasal verbs.

The first phrase verbs (get away, gear up, dive into, push on) are introduced through a short dialogue about 2 friends discussing their weekend plans. Then, students complete 4 sentences and discuss whether the sentences are true for them, providing examples whenever possible.

Next, the rest of the phrasal verbs (venture out, set out to, come across, brave through) are introduced through a text about an expedition into the wilderness. To practise, students paraphrase 5 sentences, using a suitable phrasal verb from this lesson.

Next, students are given different adventure ideas and are asked to discuss one of them, discussing different aspects, such as the preparation needed and the potential challenges. Finally, students are tasked with completing a writing task – they are given the beginning of 3 stories and they have to complete 1 of them (of their own choice).

To practise these phrasal verbs related to adventure, you can use the printable conversation cards. 


Teacher’s lesson plan
Student’s worksheet

Student’s interactive PDF

This worksheet works well in combination with the following lesson plans

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